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1. What is the system requirement for G-Homa App?

Our G-Homa app requires a system that either is iOS 7.0 or above, or Android 4.0 or above, and presently is not compatible with windows’ phones. Operating with a Web-Browser is also not possible.

Remark: Your Smartphone or tablet must be connected to the Internet!

2. Where do I get the free G-Homa App for my smart device?

  1. Simply scan QR-Code on the product package, or on our homepage at
  2. Search “G-Homa” in App Store or Google Play. (iPad: search “G-Homa” but select “iPhone only” in App store.)

3. Which router configuration is necessary?

  1. Make sure your router setting is 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n as its wireless frequency band. G-Homa socket only works on a 2.4GHz router.
  2. During socket configuration, no extra login page is required on browser.
  3. 2.4GHz and 5GHz are two different wireless radio frequencies. A router that has both frequencies is called dual-band router. If you have a dual-band router, please make sure your smart device is connected to 2.4GHz network for socket configuration. You can change your router radio frequency in Setting ->Wirless->Radio->Band, at router’s setting page.

4. Where do I find out if my network frequency is 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

It varies by routers. Usually, you will find the settings in Wireless->Radio->Band. Apple “Airport Routers” have a default frequency setting of 2.4GHz.

5. Can G-Homa App and smart socket work in public Wi-Fi environments, besides my home network?

For security reasons, G-Homa is not compatible with the following Wi-Fi network:

  1. Enterprise network. Enterprise router security is set up with a series of firewalls that G-Homa does not support.
  2. Café/Hotel/airport etc. networks. These kind of networks usually require a browser to provide additional login credentials to get online, which G-Homa does not support.

Note: You can still use these networks to remotely connect to the G-Homa socket in your home.

6. Can I connect my G-Homa socket through cell phone network or mobile hotspot?

Yes, just make sure, cell phone signal or Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to connect.

Note: If you use a cell phone network there can be cost because of the data transfer. Especially when you are in foreign countries by using data roaming!

7. Does G-Homa needs an Internet Connection?

Yes, to enable that the G-Homa System is working around the world you need a Internet Connection at any time. Your operations are routed via our cloud servers in Europe and the USA back to your devices.

8. Does G-Homa socket works without a Wi-Fi router, or when my router is disconnected from the internet?

No. Our smart device needs internet connection for configuration and setting. Also when there is a change of SSID or password on your Wi-Fi router, smart device then need to be reconfigured.
Wi-Fi router is suggested remains Power ON in order for the device to function properly.

9. Why is the G-Homa socket configuration failed?

Please check the following information to solve your problem.

  1. Make sure the LED indicator on G-Homa socket flashing quickly before starting the configuration process.
  2. Make sure your phone/tablet is connected to your router’s 2.4GHz network.
  3. Check whether the LED indicator on the G-Homa socket starts flashing slowly after you click “ACTIVATE” on your smart phone/tablets: if it did, the configuration process has been activated and the socket is trying to connect to the router; if the G-Homa socket keep flashing quickly and do not enter the status of slow flashing, the configuration is not activated.
  4. If the G-Homa socket indicator keep flashing slowly, until the app shows “Manual Mode” (iOS) or “Add Device Failed” (Android):
    • Press and hold the on/off button for more than 3 seconds until the G-Homa socket indicator starts flashing quickly, then click “ACTIVATE” to configure again.
    • If the problem still exists, check whether your phone/tablet is connected to the router properly. You may try to open a webpage or other apps to make sure your smart phone/tablet is online.
    • Check the box of “show password” on the activate page and make sure the password is correct for your Wi-Fi network. (Wrong password is one of the very common errors)

10. My G-Homa socket already flashes quickly when I first plug it in. Should I press and reset it in order to configure it?

No. If G-Homa socket flashes quickly, you can go ahead and configure it without pressing the button.
If it does not, or you want to reconfigure it, then press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until it flashes quickly.

11. My G-Homa socket indicator does not flash no matter how long I hold the button.

Check the power status of the outlet. Push the manual switch on the G-Homa socket to turn power on and off.
LED indicator goes on and off accordingly, and you should hear a clicking sound from the relay shows power on /off.

12. Can I control more than one G-Homa sockets in the same app, with the same G-Homa account?

Yes. You can add multiple G-Homa sockets to your phone/tablet using the same App, with the same account, and modify their names and images to identify them in the Device Setting page.

13. Can other people control my G-Homa socket? How to ensure the internet safety?

Only if other people know your account and password and login G-Homa app, he/she then can control your device.
Otherwise, they cannot.
When G-Homa sockets are connected to your Wi-Fi network, a top level encryption is issued to ensure a maximal security.

14. Is it possible to control a same G-Homa socket via multiple iOS or Android devices?

Yes. G-Homa socket can be added to and controlled by multiple smart phone/tablet by using the same account and password.
In timer function, G-Homa socket, however, can only perform the last setting made from different smart devices.

15. Can I use G-Homa socket in several locations with different networks from the same smart phone/tablet

Yes. All G-Homa sockets are shown and can be controlled on the same G-Homa app. eg. you have three sockets in different places: one in your home, one in your office and one in your vacation house.
All three sockets will be shown on your app once added properly, you can monitor and control them from anywhere at any time where there is internet connection.

16. If my home’s power goes off, will G-Homa keep the program settings and the Wi-Fi access even if the power is off?

Yes. All settings are stored in our cloud server, not in your local smart devices and router.
The program settings, therefore, will function normally even the power goes off during the day.
As far as you have the same router with the same SSID and password, G-Homa socket will automatically reconnect to the router when power comes back.

17. Do I need to set G-Homa socket again when I want it to be controlled by another or new smart phones?

No. You only need to use the same account and password to login the G-Homa App.
All G-Homa sockets configured will be shown in the device list, ready for you to control.

18. Why is there a 1-2 minute time delay?

Time in G-Homa socket is set according to our cloud server, which might have slight deviation from your local iOS/Android devices.

19. Do I have to change any times or timer-settings due Summer/Winter time Change (Day Light Saving)?

No, all necessary changes will be done automatically by our cloud server.

20. Does traveling outside of my time zone affect G-Homa’s time setting?

No. G-Homa socket will remain your home time zone, regardless of where you go.

21. G-Homa socket’s firmware upgrade.

    If there is a new firmware, G-Homa socket will send a message and you can update manually in the app.

22. How much energy does G-Homa socket consume when not in use?

When the G-Homa Socket is not in Operating Mode, it consumes less than 0.5 watt;
When in Operating Mode (Sending and Receiving Signals), it is less than 1.0 watt.

23. Does the G-Homa socket work for PIR Sensor, Infrared control, or RF control power devices?

 No. Our current version of G-Homa socket can only control your connected appliance power on/off 

24. I download the G-Homa App before I have the socket, should I download the app again?

We update the G-Homa app periodically with bug fixes and performance improvements.
Always check the App Store or Google Play to make sure you have the latest version installed.

25. When I turn ON or OFF on my Smartphone I can’t see this status on the second phone or tablet

Easy to solve - just scroll down the first page of the App, you will be connected to the cloudserver and the information on the second phone or tablet will be updated

26. I have problems to activate my smart socket

Following points are most of the reasons when this happens:

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet
  • Make sure your location detection is activated on your phone
  • Make sure your phone is using the network you use for your Smartsocket. This network will be detected by the App
  • Type the right password in the field. The password is the same from your router or from your repeater etc

27. How can I reset my Smartsocket?

  1. Press and hold the manual button on the device for 20 seconds, it will clear ALL the previous setting, LED flashes quickly, and the reset device is then ready for user to “add new device”
  2. To change user account to control the devise, go to the specific device page, select “Delete Device”, then the device is free for any other new account to add

28. After updating the new app, my group setting disappeared.

Because the new "Group" function differs from the former group function in many aspects, in order to let our user to use the new Group function, we have to delete the former Group settings, we apologize for this.

29. Can I delete the power monitoring data in the new app?

Yes, enter the device's power monitoring interface, and tap "Manual button" on the up right corner, tap "delete data" button.

30. Can I delete my account in the app now?

Yes, in the app personal setting, you can delete your account. After deleting the account, all the devices and settings under the account will be deleted, and the device will restore to defaults.

31. How to use the Linkage function?

User can experience this new function by using the new product which is going to be released soon.

32. How to delete timer setting?

Slide the timer you want to delete to left, then tap "delete" button.

33. How many alarm-sensors (Door/Window Sensor and Motion Detector) can be added under a host?

You can add maximum 10 sensors under one host.

34. Why there comes two "beep" after arming the security system?

The first "beep" stands the system is preparing to enter the Arm mode, after one minute, the second "beep" means the system is under Arm mode.

35. Why can't I switch on/off the siren detector?

The siren detector enters the monitoring mode as long as it connects to the network and plugged in to the power. During the monitor mode the siren detectors detects the alarm sound of major burglar alarm as well of the sound, per example, an smoke detector.

36. What kind of siren sound can be detected by the siren detector?

The siren sound detector detects the alarm sound within a frequency range of 3±0.8kHz, approximate volume of 85dB, eg. alarm sound of smoke detector or alarm system…

37. Must the SSID in the settings of your router set to “Visible”?

Yes, It’s important to set to “Visible”


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