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Security Camera Wireless Outdoor 4dBi WiFi 1080P Battery Powered Cameras

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G-Homa Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
If you worry about the safety of your home, worry about the occasional lost package, and feel frustrated about not being able to take care of your kids and pets. G-Homa security cameras can do it for you.

Why Choose G-Homa?
  • AI Detection can distinguish people, vehicles, and pets, and send classified notifications to block pushes of useless information.
  • Motion Detection can intelligently distinguish between people and objects, capture events that need attention and push them to mobile/tablet apps immediately.
  • Built-in Spotlight and Smart Siren to enhance safety.
  • G-Homa outdoor camera built-in microphone and speaker system allowing for a clear 2-way audio communication. Instant speak with anyone in view of the camera.
  • No subscription required 7-days Cloud and local storage (support Max. 128GB SD card), view via ios or android devices.
  • Waterproof IP65, strong enough to withstand the temperature range from 14°F to 122°F(-10° to -50°)
  • Rechargeable battery long standby, 9000mAh battery can use 3-6 months of battery life on a single charge.
  • Wireless and cordless installation. No tedious installation process is required.
  • Dual antennas enhance signal, reduce stutter, and more video clearer.
  • Supports external 5v micro-usb interface solar panel (NOT included).
  • PIR sensor maximum shooting distance 10 meters (32Ft.) 130 degree field of view.
  • 1080P HD Live Video and colour Night Vision.
  • Securing Your House Day & Night, cameras for home security indoor with 130° Big wide-angle provide the perfect view.
  • Outdoor security cameras ONLY compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ( Android, ios ) device. Setting up is a breeze via scanning QR code.
  • Strong Privacy Protection, under the Encryption Protocol, you’re the only one who has the access to the surveillance security cameras.

Upgrade Configuration
Large Vision High Resolution Smarter Siren Multi-Device Sharing
130-degree monitoring field of view, more comprehensive protection of your home.
1080P HD resolution, focus on details, images are easier to distinguish.
Trigger your spotlight and loud siren ( Auto or Manual) from the App. Up to 110db.
Sharing the moments with your family. They could also receive notifications or view live videos.
Support Solar Panel Boost WiFi Signal Cloud & Local Storage Built-in 9000mAh Battery
Support adopt a solar panel powered according 5v micro-usb, no need to take the wireless camera off again.
Dual antenna design, wider connection range and more stable signal, can be installed farther away from the router.
1. No subscription required 7-day cloud storage
2. Support Max. 128GB SD card (not included)
Built-in battery gives you 3-6 months of security on one time charge. About 3500 times record videos ( 10 second ) record.
1080P HD Resolution & Full-Color/Infrared Night Vision
  • Full-color night view provides you with colourful night-time video.
  • Infrared light automatically switches between day and night modes according to the surrounding environment, the view distance up to 66ft.
  • The wireless camera has 1080P (1920 x 1080) resolution, it provides you with all the details of the image/video to help you monitor your property (house, garage, store, etc.) at all times providing you with a clear view.
1. Click the "Add Camera Now" in the App and enter the Wi-Fi network name and password that you want the camera to connect.
2. To ensure a longer distance connection, the camera only supports the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi with stronger wall penetration capability and does not support Wi-Fi for enterprise level authentication currently. Please ensure that the entered Wi-Fi meets the requirements. After completion, click "Continue" to generate the QR code for pairing the camera.
3. After pressing the camera switch for 3 seconds, the camera will turn on. The camera will emit the scanning sound "Ding Dong Ding Dong" after it is turned on (if you do not hear it, please double click the power button).
4. Take the lens of the camera facing the QR code generated on VicoHome about 20 cm (7 inches) until you hear a "Ding" sound.
5. After a while, the camera will give out a prompt sound of a successful connection.