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Timers for Electrical outlets 2 Grounded Outlets

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G-Homa Digital Programmable Outlet Timer - Dual Outlet
Automate your home's lights, fans and appliances with the G-Homa dual outlet digital timer. Just set your schedules and go, and you never turn on/off your lights manually ever again. Use the timer to automate your hydroponic garden, adding convenience and encouraging productive growth of your plant.
  • Up to 24 On/Off programs
  • 30 minutes interval
  • Programs repeat every 24 hours
  • Use on lights, fans, coffee machines and more
  • Setting are saved by the backup battery even in the event of a power outage.
  • Completely Silent and ideal for indoor use
  • Rating: 125VAC, 60 Hz, 1875W, 15A , 1/2HP
  • Indoor Use Only
Simplify and Improve Your Life Dual Outlets Design Save time and have a peace of mind
Automate all your small kitchen appliances, such as coffee machines, toasters, water heater, etc.
Each timer is designed with 2 grounded outlets to control 2 devices at the same time. For example, simultaneously power on Christmas tree and string lights.
Reading to sleep? No more worrying about leaving the nightstand lamp on.
3 Modes Available Save Energy and Live Sustainably Simplify Your Life
When you switch to "AUTO" mode, they will work as scheduled, switch to "On" mode, the attached units will bypass the programming schedule and work continuously, switch to "OFF" mode, the timer stop working.
No more thinking about forgetting to turn your appliances off, our timer will take over and do the job for you.
Once you set the schedule, G-Homa outlet timer will work automatically and quietly. Save you the trouble of switching on/off or plugging in/out frequently..