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Video Doorbell

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G-Homa battery operated video doorbell keeps an eye on your front door and protects your home even when you’re away

  • Long Time Standby & Local Storage: 100% wire-free installation,built-in Two 3350mAh powerful rechargeable batteries,the wireless camera doorbell can wake up 2000 times when fully charged.Wake up 10/20 times a day for 120-180 days battery life,and a pre-installed 4G SD card can store your pictures and videos
  • 1080P HD Images Vision: With impressive video quality,bring you 1080P HD live video or playback video and 130° wider crystal viewing,you can see all the details clearly day or night
  • Real-time Clear Two-way Audio: Allows you real-time video talk to your visitor directly through your phone app,guard your house well from anytime,anywhere
  • Included Wireless Chime: Put it anywhere in your dining room, bedroom or kitchen, you won't miss any visitors

Accurate Humanoid Detection

Humanoid targets and detection sensitivity are adjustable.When someone Passes by the monitoring range,the video doorbell will instant detect motion and send you real-time app push notifications.You’ll only be alerted to what you care about

Real-time Clear Two-way Audio Secure Local Storage DIY Wired Installation
Two-way audio will support seeing, hearing, talking with your visitors from anywhere,of course,you can actively check your front door when it's convenient
When the smart detector detects a human figure or someone ringing the doorbell,it will record a 10-30s video in 1080p HD video quality, and upload it to your phone and storage in SD card,you can view it at any time.
Step 1: Power off the breaker and use a jumper cable(Not including) to connect the two terminals of the existing doorbell's chime.

Step 2: Disconnect the existing doorbell button. Connect the doorbell wiring to the back of the video doorbell wiring.

Step 3:Secure your doorbell to your home, attach your faceplate and turn on the power at the breaker. Enjoy with it!.
Wider Lens Field of View Indoor Chime Multi-Users Sharing
Built-in infrared light with 130°wide angle lens with motion detection will monitoring your front door without blind spots and keep your home security.
The wireless video doorbell has 4 different adjustable ringtones and volume for your optional. When the visitor presses the doorbell, a clear ringtone can be heard from any room. You will not have to worry about missing visitor calls when the phone is muted or not around.
Through the Device Share function,WiFi smart doorbell camera supports multiple people(up to 20 devices) to view live video and play back on the APP at the same time.All users can receive doorbell calls and alert notifications
  1. The Wireless doorbell camera only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi,not with 5GHz Wi-Fi
  2. Please RESET the device before connect network or re-connect network
  3. Please fully charge the batteries for 8-10 hours before the first time using the video doorbell camera
  4. It is recommended to keep your video doorbell and router between 30-40ft for a stable connection signal
  5. The 4GB SD card has already been pre-installed in the device
  6. Not support 7/24 all-day recording,only works when motion is detected or the video doorbell is pressed
  7. If you are having trouble during using, you can get help online in the App's Help & Feedback